Honor Roll of Donors

The list reflects gifts and pledge payments made from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.  Not represented in this list are the full multiyear pledges acquired by the university during this time frame.  The list is long and omissions and errors are possible, and for that we do apologize.  For corrections, or if your name appears other than your preference, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, P.O. Box 65 Baldwin City, KS 66006-0065, by phone at 800.726.1554, or via email at advancement@bakerU.edu.

Diamond Society
(Over $1 Million)

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Christine Hartley

Mr. Cleve Howard and Family

Platinum Society

James Leitnaker Estate

Swogger Foundation Scholarship

Sustaining Patron


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bunten

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Clark

Goppert Foundation

Mrs. Marty Hardy Mather

Mr. James H. Scanlon

Ms. Susanne Teel

Cornerstone Circle

Mr. Frank Bisignano

Commonwealth Foundation, Randi Wightman

Erickson Estate

Great Plains Annual Conference, UMC

Mr. William R. Grubb

Mrs. Marybess Hudgins Grisham

Mrs. Vallera Clough Ross

Founder’s Circle

Baldwin State Bank

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Marcia (Hillman) Bowerman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bruns

Mr. Lyndle Burton

Mr. and Mrs. M. Duane Chanay

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Conaway

Deeva J. Sharma Memorial Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dunnavant

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Eisel

Ella Frances and Norma Brisley Phillips Estate

Evergy Foundation

Martha Jane Ferguson

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ms. Lori Fink

Fred E. Searls, Jr. Trust

Dr. Harold Frye

David L. Geenens

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Griffin

Mr. James and Dr. Kathleen Harr

Alice and Mel Hawk

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hedrick

Horn Family Trust

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marcella Irby

Mr. Larry D. Irick

Don & Dona J. (Shaw) Johnson

Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Lansford, III

Neal Malicky, Ph.D.

Ms. Velma E. McKinley

Mr. Cecil Miller

Jim Mordy

Mrs. Wendie Omer

Margaret L. Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Walt W. Pinnell

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Rick C. Schaffer Jr.

Ed and Rose Schneeberger

Mr. David Selzer

Ms. Lois Snavely

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sollars

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stouffer

Think Big LLC, Judy and Coach Johns

John and Holly Thomson

Topeka Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Wendorff

Mr. Roger and Mrs. Anita Patrick White

Trustee Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Anderson 

American Food & Vending Enterprises

Mr. Murray and Mrs. Diane Wilson Blackwelder

Mrs. Jennifer Brown

Ellen and Bill Discher

ECMC Foundation

Gertrude Emilie Braun Trust

Mr. Hoot and Mrs. Kathleen Gibson

Greg and Linda Goff

Linda Jefferson Greiner

Tammy Spiva Hawks and Dale Hawks

Mrs. Martha Hoffman

Ms. Patricia S. Hysko

Mr. and Mrs. Skip E. Kalb

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kuhn

Ms. Carol Marshall

Dr. Tes Mehring

Murphy Charitable Trust

Dr. Lynn & Jeff Murray

Dr. Keith and Mrs. Heidi Neuenswander

Mrs. Charlotte Parker

Dr. Janice Simpson

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lola Hendrickson Soulen

Mr. Gregory Stoskopf

Dr. and Mrs. Brad L. Tate

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Taylor

UMB Bank, N.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Werts

Bob and Kay Williams

President’s Club

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne O. Adkisson

Alumnae Greek Council

American Society of Composers, Authors

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua P. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Atkins

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bailey

Edward H. and Nancy L. Barnes

Mr. John Beasley

Mrs. Jimi A. Bechtel

Mr. Dean Bloom

Mrs. Elaine Brady

Reverend and Mrs. Virgil Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Breithaupt

Mr. Alexander M. and Mrs. Katie
(White) Bulk

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burkindine

David and Carol Butler

Jim B. Carr

Dr. and Mrs. Cal Cink

Dr. Donald Clardy and Ms. Debbie Eckhoff

Doctors Rosie and Bill Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Correll

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Courtney

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crow

Mr. Richard Crump

Mrs. Ellen DeLay

Reverend and Mrs. Ira DeSpain

Mr. Jim P. Dick

Mr. H. Gene Dooley

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Doyal

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Driver

Dr. William L. Duncan

Dr. V. Rodney Enos

Jerry E. Ewing

Family Fund of the Douglas County Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Farmer

Mr. Michael Farmer

Richard Fenske

Mrs. Kathy Ford

Mr. James C. Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. Grant T. Galyardt

Mrs. Carol Grantham

Ed and Angela Grasso

Dr. William Graziano

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Greenwood

Mrs. Sharon Gutschenritter

Mrs. Dot Hager

Ms. Mary Jane Hall

Larry and Marcia Hawk

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hays

Dr. John Heaton

Ms. Nancy R. Hefner

Susan Schottman Hess

David and Lana Rae Higgins

Dr. Louis E. and Mrs. Mary (Lambert) Holland

Richard and Shannon Howell

Mrs. Kelly L. Hrad

Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Hudson

Mr. Tyler W. Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Huebner

Mary Hallman Hurrel

IBM Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Iwig

Mr. and Mrs. Darold F. Jackson, Jr.

Ms. Mary L. Jefferson

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Jones Johnson

Edward and Marilyn Sollars Johnston

Mrs. Melba Reeves Johnston

Kenneth D. Jones and Barbara J. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Myron Jones, Jr.

Mrs. Toshia Joseph

Kansas Independent College Fund

Mr. Jim H. Kean

Mr. and Mrs. John Krueger

Mr. Larry Lady

Dr. and Mrs. Benny Chen-Chu Lee

Ms. Jill L. Leistikow

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Lowry

Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Lutgen, Jr.

Dr. Trilla Lyerla

Mrs. Irene Marsi

Mrs. Tricia Mauch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Maxwell

Dave and Helen McCracken

Cheryl and George McCrary

Mrs. Judy McMonigle

Mr. Everett Mealman

Mr. Craig S. Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Meyer

Mrs. Mona Dippold Mills

Mr. John Morrison

Dr. Lynne and Mr. Jeff Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nau

NBH Bank

Mr. Kim L. Ong

Mrs. Carmen R. and Mr. Michael Palo

Ms. Kelli Parker

Patricia Radisch Estate

Mr. Larry and Mrs. Phyllis Graf Perry

Mrs. Phyllis Perry

Mrs. Jennifer Yocham Poersch

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Prather

Ms. Patricia President

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Puttroff

Mrs. Tonilou M. Reid-Peppard

Mr. Kip D. Richards

Ms. Amy E. Riebel

Dr. Darcy L. Russell

Dr. Kay and Mr. Ken Schallenkamp

Carl and Rebecca Schenck

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schrader

Mr. Jim H. Schwartzburg

Mrs. Julie Sizemore

Mr. and Mrs. James and Betty Slusher

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Snavely

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Snow

Ms. Jaclyn M. Sommer-Duffy

Dr. and Mrs. Karl Spear, II

Vernell Courtney St. John

Dr. Dennis L. Stadel

Brenda and Brad Stasiulis

State Farm Companies Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stephens

Steve and Pat Corken Sublett

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sulley

Mr. Ronald F. Taylor

Mr. Ian Thompson

Ms. Linda Tuller

United Health Care

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Walker

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Patti Francisco Weakley

Mr. Mark Weiss

Mrs. Thelma Wever

Cecil and Elizabeth Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Wilson

1858 Club

Roger and Nancy (Hey) Arnold

Baptist Home Inc., Resident Trust

Doug and Sara Barth

Mr. Eliot A. Berkley

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Bostwick

Ms. Sara Crump

Dess Caylor Trust

Beverly Warrick Dickason

Mr. Maxwell B. Dodge

Edward Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Fukada

Mr. William Gebhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibb

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Mr. Geoffrey I. Greiner

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamner

Nick and Martha Harris

Dr. Diane E. Head

Heartland Drone Company

Ms. Nancy C. Hedrick

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hempy

Dr. and Mrs. N. William Hines Jr.

Honeywell International Charity Matching

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Houts

Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Jackson

Mr. Carse Kershaw

Mrs. Ramona Kessel

Ms. Phyllis S. Kidd

Patricia Kikendall

Mr. Dylan Kort

Jeanne E. Levy, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia and Mr. Dennis Long

Ms. Michele Todd McKnelly

Ms. Ann Meuleman

Dr. Donald V. Meyer

Meyer Music

Mr. Luke Christopher Miltz

Mr. Jacob Mogle

Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Moore

Ms. Melissa Ness

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Parks

Mr. Charles P. Puhr IV

Mr. Michael W. Rethman

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rynerson

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sarna

Ms. Dee Schendel

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Shubert

Susan Smith Swanson

Dr. Susan D. Sweat

Mr. Warren Swenson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Terrill

Mr. J.R. Trundle

Mr. Donald L. Varnau

W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Mr. Burke R. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wiese

Century Club

Mr. Clarence F. Abell Jr.

Ms. Rita Adams

Ms. Sharri Adams

Mr. William S. Ahrens

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Anderson

Ms. Malisa J. Anderson-Strait

Dr. Cynthia L. Appl and Mr. Ande Parks

Susan Evans Atchison

Hilary (Peacock) and Kevin Austin

Mrs. Cheryl Badale

Dr. Cassy and Mr. Erik Bailey

Baldwin City Companion Animal Hospital, Dr. Tim Jones

Ms. Melissa Balentine

Ms. Kelly L. Ballard

Ms. Callie S. Ballenger

Mr. and Mrs. Russ Barnett

Ms. Betty Barr

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Barth

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Beadleston

Wright and Carole Beck

Ms. Sara Bell

Dian Berg

Ms. Nan Berry

Dr. and Mrs. Dean Bevan

Mr. James Bilby

Mrs. Betty Birzer

Mrs. Gretchen Bixler

Ms. Giulia Bonaminio

Dr. J.C. Bond

Mr. Howard T. Bonnett Jr

Mr. Mark Bowerman and Dr. Asia Lo

Mrs. Taylor Bowers

Julie M. Boyle

Barbara Brady

Dr. and Mrs. E. Merris Brady

Ms. Karen D. Braley

Ms. Virginia Brien

Mr. Kyle J. Britton

Dr. Tony Brown and Ms. Becky Henderson

Becca Bruce

Lt. Col. David and Dr. Cindy Buchanan

Mrs. Becky J. Bullock

Ms. Sheila Bush

Steve and Peggy Butcher

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Butell

Mr. Aaron Caldwell and Mrs. Megan Rosa-Caldwell

Ms. Carolyn Carr

Mr. Michael A. Cation

Mrs. Laurie Chapman

Charles H. Kopke Trust

Dr. Christopher and Jane Cink

Mrs. Heidi C. Cole

Ms. Chyrel Coloff

Mr. David Compton

Mr. Ryan P. Costello

Countryside United Methodist Church

Ms. June Cowen

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cox

Dr. Beverly J. Crute

Teri (Walsh) Cullen

Mr. Mark Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. John and Lisa Daly

Dan and Peggy Harris

Mr. Jaconson DaNay

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dawson

Mrs. Connie Deel

Mr. Kevin W. Dellinger

Ms. Kristen L Snow

Ms. Jena Dick

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Discher

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dooley

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dorr

Pedro dos Santos and Cara Langston

Mr. Christopher Duderstadt

Mr. Steve A. Dudley

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Durnal

Mr. Toby Eastland

Ms. Jamie N Eaton

Ms. M. Ellis

Joe and Pegge (Rhodes) Emery

Ms. Lisa Enarson

Mr. Brian Erickson

Mrs. Judee E. Evans

Mr. Jeff E. Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. James Faulkner

Ms. Ellen Feldman and Mr. Gary Elliot

Mr. James J. Ford

Mr. Chris Fountain

Mr. Michael H. Fox

Ms. Alison Foxman

Dr. Robert Fraga and Ms. Jean Grant-Fraga

Ms. Janice Froetschner

Mr. and Mrs. Justin From

Ms. Cathy Geist

Ms. Cynthia Giddings

Mr. Bruce Gilbert

Dr. Theodore L. Glasser

Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Goode

William R. Gordon

Grace United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Grauer

Ms. Susan Green

Mrs. Carol Greene

Mike and Rebecca Greene

Mr. David L. Greer

Stacy and Jennifer Griggs

Ms. Carol Grizzell

Mr. Philip W. Gronemeyer

Ms. Rachel Haley

Mr. Robert K. Hammond

Mr. Asher W. Hannon

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hannon

Mr. Christer M. Hanson

Ms. Lynn G. Hardy

Col. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hargis

Ms. Susan Harker

Reverend Jerry Harnden

Mr. and Mrs. William Harper

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Hatcher

Mrs. Debra Hays

Mr. Gunnar Hays

Ms. Kelsey Heavin

Mr. Blake Hedberg

Ms. Anne Henderson

Ms. Caroline Henry

Dr. and Mrs. Arlo S. Hermreck

Mr. Jon Hershberger

Ms. B.A. Hesse

Ms. Jessica M. Hill

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Ms. Emily Hilton

Mr. and Mrs. John Stuart Hoffman

Jennifer J. Hogan

Ms. Laurie A. Hohenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hooper

Reverend Kevin Hopkins

Mr. Larry L. Huff

Mr. Scott S. Hughes

Ms. Molly A. Humphries

Mr. Darren B. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hutton

Mr. and Mrs. John Hux

Mr. Gary L. Irick

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kristi McGinley

Mr. John K. Jackson, II

Ms. Laurel J. Jackson

LaTasha Roberts James

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jardon

Ms. Kathleen Jenkins

Dr. Andy Jett and Mr. Brad Ozias

Mr. Carey and Dr. Jean Johnson

Ms. Gena Jones

Mrs. Mary K. Kaczor

Ms. Carolyn Karpowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kay

Mr. Jason Kelso

Mrs. Joelle J. Kernitzki

Mr. Dale King

Ms. Susan Michelle Kneuvean

Reverend Dewey Knowles

Ms. Amber R. Koblitz

Mrs. Deborah Koepke

Verda R. Kopke Trust

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Kimberly Kort

Mr. John D. Kraemer

Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Sandi Kramos

Mrs. Nicole Lampe-Burk

Mr. and Mrs. Grant J. Lane

Wayland and Patsy Lankford

Mr. and Mrs. Don Larkin

Larkin Tax Services

Mr. and Mrs. James Leaverton

Ms. Cari Jackson Lewis

Mrs. Ellen S. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. John Liechty

Mrs. Cari Lile

Ms. Renee Linder

Mrs. Kimberly Litton

Mrs. Jenny Lo

Ms. Robyn E. Long

Beth Losik

Dr. Richard MacNair

Mr. Rodney Magnett

Ms. Sandra Maison Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Swede Malm

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Marley

Mr. Richard E. Martin

Gail Giese Mattson

Mr. David May

Dr. Richard L. McDowell

Annette (Miller) McLaughlin

Mrs. Susan McNeal

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger W. McReynolds

Mr. Ray Medlock

Dr. Jim I. Mertz, M.D.

Mr. Jesse Milan Jr.

Ms. Joy L. Milan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim E. Miller

Mr. Jared W. Miller

Mrs. Joan Miller

Beverly Millikan and Roy Sherrell

Ms. Elisabeth Mills

Dr. Derrick Mitchell, M.D.

Ms. Winifred L. Mitchell

Naomi Estopy Mitchum

Mrs. Lois Moon

Ms. Elizabeth Morel

Mr. Benjamin Morris

Mr. Michael Naccarato

National Indemnity Company

Dr. and Mrs. William Neuenswander

Mrs. Margaret Y. Nichols

Deb (Tomkins) North

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. O’Bryhim

Mr. Tony and Dr. Susan Paolo

Ms. Joanne Pena-Cowr

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Karen Perrin

Carmen Fischer Perry

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Phillips

Ms. Cathy Piccus

Mrs. Nancy Pierce

Ms. Marlene Pleiman

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Podschun

Mr. Andrew Poindexter

Reverend Alton R. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Preston

Mr. Matthew D. Pugh

Mr. Ron M. Pulvers

Mrs. Joan Randall

Mrs. Kay L. Ray

Linda Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Renfro

Mr. Joe Renzi

Mr. and Mrs. Garland Richardson

Mr. Tony Rieschick

Mrs. J. Lynne Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Bob J. Robidoux

Ms. Paige Rockers

Mr. Robert Roepke

Mr. Dennis Rogers and Dr. Susan K. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. David Routh

Mrs. Leighanne Ruby

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell

Ms. Chelsey Ryerson

Mr. James R. Saunders

Ms. Kelly Schaefer

Mr.  John and Mrs. Susan Wolters Schlag

Dr. Anita Schroeder

Ms. Samantha Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Shane R. Schuessler

Mrs. Carolyn Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Ed E. Schwaneke

Mr. Tyler W. Scifers

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L .Scott

Mrs. Gloria Scott

Mr. Nathaniel P. Scott

Ms. Rose Anne Scott

Mr. Chad J. Shaffer

Ms. Helen Shewney

Mr. Michael Shields

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Samantha Shores

Mr. Paul Shuler

Mrs. Patricia Sikorovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Skillman

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smethers

Mr. John I. Smith

Mr. Nathan L. Smith

Mrs. Jo Ann Steele

Ms. Linda G. Stegner

Mr. Ben Steinlage

Mrs. Marion Stuart

Ms. Emilee Lane Sumler

Mr. Ian M. Sutherland

Ms. Michelle Swain

Mrs. Carol Swan

Ms. Meagan Thomas

Mrs. Kylie D. Toone

Chris and Karin Travalent

Robert and Kelli Tregemba

Ms. Cynthia Turbes

Mrs. Jennifer A. Upton

USAW Kansas District #1

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Varner

Stewart Vaughn

Jeanie Robinson Vought

Ms. Kathleen A. Wagner

Mr. Jay Wait

Ms. Farrah Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Woody P. Walmsley

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Wann

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Watkins

Billie Wiese Watson

Waxman Candles

Mr. Sean Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Gavin and Layne Webster

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Wesselowski

Mr. Norman Westhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wickham

Dr. George Wiley and Ms. Kay Bradt

Chad and Dawn Wilkins

Ms. Marsha L. Wilkison

Sarah Lawrence Wille

Mr. Chase C. Willhite

Mr. Brian Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Ira Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Wince

Women of the Moose Topeka Chapter #1091

Mrs. Patricia Wooster-Jackson

Mrs. Janet K. Wozniak

Mr. Jeremy C. Wright

Julianne Wright

Kathy and Steve Wright

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Yunghans

Mrs. Barbara L. Zak

Mr. Geoffrey Zeh

Mr. Jason Zeh

Dr. and Mrs. Rand Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Zugelter

Friends of Baker
($99 and Less)

Ms. Victoria Aceves-Power

Mrs. Yvonne Achterberg

Noah Ackerman

Mr. Dennis Akins

Mr. and Mrs. Craig F. Alexander

Ms. Olivia Katherine Allen

American Family Insurance

Ms. Kayla L. Anderson

Daniel Apple

Ms. Mary Arth

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bailey

Mr. Richard Bakiaj

Ms. Inge Balch

Ms. Kay E. Balch

Mr. Dallas M. Barth

Reverend and Mrs. Harry Bartlett

Mr. Jake Bauer

Ms. Courtney C. Bell

Mrs. Judy B. Bennett

Alex Berg

Lauren Freemon Besch

Richard L. Betts Jr.

Miss Jenna Black

Ms. Nancy Black

Mr. Michael Boehm

Mr. Parks H. Boeschen

Mrs. Betty Bohrn

Cheri Bohrn

Mrs. Kylie Booth

Mrs. Lorri Boydston

Ms. Lisa D. Brackett

Ms. Jade Brake

Mrs. Debra R. Brown

Mr. Spencer Lee Brown

Laura J. Bruce

Ms. Kim D. Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Buie

Mr. Warren Bullock

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Burchett

Roman Bushek

Shelby Butts

Mrs. Erin E. Caffey

Mr. Terry Campbell

Ms. Victoria Grace Cantrell

Ms. Stephanie Cardona

Ms. Julie Carpenter

Emma Carter

Dr. Marc Carter

Ms. Judy Champion

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Clement

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Coats

Mrs. Brenda Love Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Coole

Mr. Kurt J. Cooper

Mr. James R. Cox

Ms. Sarah B. Dailey

Mrs. Susan Pfeil Davidsen

Ms. Jackie Delafuente

Ms. Michelle Deming

Ms. Jennifer Doane

Marilyn Donovan

Mr. Julio C. Dos Santos

Ms. Sarah M. Douglass

Ms. Barb DuBe

Ms. Annette Dubey

Grace Duddy

Mrs. Jennifer Duld

Ms. Mary-Katherine Ekins

Eren Eksinar

Mrs. Sylvia Ellis

Mr. John Ely

Mrs. Susan England

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Evans

Allan Ewalt

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Fike

Mr. Herman E.  Finley

Ms. Julie M. Fiscus

Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Fisher

Angelique Foye

Ms. Nadine E. Franklin

Ms. Debra Friesz

Mrs. Shirley Frizell

Ms. Jesse Gardner

Ms. Kelly Gaulke

Trinity Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Goetze

Mrs. Emily Grant

Ryan Graves

Mr. Lee R. Greenstreet

Mr. and Mrs. Chris F. Grosso

Kinly Grubb

Miss Mykaela Dena Hagen

Ms. Debbie Haley

Ms. Kathryn Hall

Ms. Stephanie L. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hamner

Mr. Jeff Hardeman

Mrs. Phyllis A. Harrel

Garrett Hart

Kenneth Hart

Ms. Kerrigan Hartzell

Ms. Darlene Haslouer

Ms. Karlen D. Haury

Mr. Andrew Heim

Ms. Sophie Heldenbrand

Ms. Harriet Henderson

Mrs. Ashley Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry

Henry Farms of Brown Co., Inc

Kylie Hernandez

Mr. Andrew P. Herr and Mrs. Sarah A. Peterson-Herr

Mr. Dennis Herris

Ms. Anna Rose Hobbs

Ms. Meredith R Hodges

Lorraine S. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Holland

Ms. Julie Holleran

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Holt

Ms. Carrie E. Horn, CPA

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Leah Hostetter

Mr. and Mrs. Nate Houser

Ms. Carolyn Hund-Moody

Ms. Robyn M. Koelling

Ms. Pam Hutchinson

Ms. Ashley N. Hutchison

Mr. David D. Iwig

Mr. Glenn R. Jagodzinske

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jardon

Ms. Martha Johaningsmeir

Mr. Austin Arlin Johanning

Mr. Cooper Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson

Mr. Robert L. Johnson

Emma Jones

Dr. Erin Joyce

Mrs. Dena J. Kaeberle

Ms. Sara Keagle

Chaplain David Kent

Dan Ketteman, DDS

Mr. Christofer Kidd

Mr. Scott A. Kimball

Mr. Jim A. Kimbrough

Mr. Russell Knapp

Mr. Keith Knee

Mr. Larry G. Knudsen

Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Koch

Olivia Kopala

Ms. Alexis Korte

Mr. Kevin C. Kropf

Mr. Jaleel Laffitte

Dr. Dan Lambert

Benjamin Lamparek

Ms. Janette Elizabeth Lassiter-Smith

Ms. Vicki K. Lignitz

Mr. Jim and Dr. Robin Liston

Mr. Ian C. Losasso

Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Lundstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lutz

Ms. Megan Lynn

Ms. Courtney Maguire

Mr. and Mrs. Rob D. Maher

Ms. Julie M. Maikranz

Ms. Nancy C. Mallery

Ms. Patricia Martin

Ms. Jeselle Mathews

Ms. Sara Matthews

Mr. Thomas A. Mayberger

Mr. Justin McCandless

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCann

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCormack

Ms. Kristi McCoy

Ms. Madeline Janae McCrary

Mrs. Lois B. McCurdy

Ms. Tracey McGann

Catherine McIntire

Gabriel McKeown

Mr. Bret W. McSpadden

Mason Mecke

John Merchant

Ms. Emagene Merkle

Mrs. Barbara Metcalfe

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller

Ms. Chiquita Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller

Mr. William E. Miller

Mrs. Megan Milligan

Mrs. Paula D. Moege

Mary Joan Monteclaro

Ms. Rachel N. Moore

Ms. Monica Morris

Mr. and Mrs. James Morrow

Mr. George S. Murphy

Ms. Frances Nevins

Mr. Ryan J. Nichols

Mr. Zach Nichols

Mrs. Kelsey Nolte

Ms. Breanna Nutt

Mr. Larry O’Brien

Mr. Chad and Mrs. Darcey O’Bryhim

Ms. Cynthia O’Bryhim

Mr. Kevin M. O’Toole

Ms. Madison Oehlert

Mr. Josh E. Ornce

Mr. Leonard D. Ortiz

Ms. Kristine Peaney

Ms. Vicki Penner

Madeline Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Davy Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. James Pickett

Ms. Linda Pickham

Ms. Annette Pierce

Carson Pittman

Grant Pogue

Mr. John Polakowski

Ms. Vanessa Power

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Prenger

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Price

Dr. Charlsie E. Prosser

Tristen Quillen

Ms. Janice Raiteri

Mr. Darrell Tyler Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ray

Danielle Jones Rease

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Reiber

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reichart

Mr. Robert Renie

Mrs. Vivian Reynoso

Celbi Richardson

Ms. Linda Roark

Mr. Jonathan D. Robins

Ms. Susan Rogers and Mr. John Skubal

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rose

Mr. Richard Ross

Mr. Michael K. Ruchensky

Ms. Mercedes Renee Marie Ruiz

Massimo Salvoni

Mrs. Chere Sammons

Ms. Jami Sanborn

Dr. and Mrs. Faraz Sandhu

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sanford

T.J. and Catina Sauder

Ms. Linda E. Saul

Ms. Shelby Schiraldi

Ms. Ralynn C. Schmalzried

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schoneweis

Dr. and Mrs. Andy Schowengerdt

Dr. Michelle C. and Mr. Philip F. Schulze

Ms. Ashley R. Scott

Arriona Shorter

Mr. Kirsten and Mrs. Rachel Shuck

Mr. Clark Shultz

Ms. Rebecca LeeAnn Simkins

Mr. and Mrs. Dolph C. Simons III

Ms. Paula D. Sloan

Mr. Andre Troy Smith

Ms. Gina Smith

Ms. Kaylee Smith

Ms. Michelle Smith

Ms. Elaine Snuffer

Mrs. Susan Spann

Ms. Ashley Sparks

Mr. Chad Speirerman

Mrs. Nancy Spieker

Mr. Kenneth A. Staab

Mr. John Stambaugh

Mrs. Danielle E. Stephens

Jackson Stoppel

Mr. Andrew Stowers

Mrs. Kerri L. Straub

Kathryn A. Strauss

Ms. Rachel Strecker

Mr. James Stromer

Benjamin Stubblefield

Ms. Barbara Stuber

Lukas Sundahl

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sutherland

Mr. Wesley H. Tah

Roger L. Tarbutton

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Tate

Mrs. Priscilla Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Taylor

Mr. Joshua D. Thompson

Ms. Joyce M. Thompson

LTC Don C. Thomson (Ret.)

Mr. Mario Valentino Torres

Ms. Nancy Toth

Kelsi Toy

Ms. Angela D. Tregemba

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tucker

Bob and Bonnie Tumino

Mrs. Janet Turrentine

Ms. Stephanie A. Van Der Weg

Mrs. Sherrell Varner

Mrs. Valerie G. Vickers

Lindsay and Justin Vise

Ms. Kris Waldren

Thomas Walsh

Ms. Macy Warburton

Easton Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Weeks

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Welty

Ms. Terri West

Mr. Terry Wetzel

Ms. Sharon Whitener

Mr. Aaron Whittle

Mr. Jeff Wichman

Ms. Pam Willard

Deborah J. Winter

Ms. Karla Wiscombe

Mr. Mark L. Witt

Ms. Stephanie Woltkamp

Dr. Bruce Woodruff

Ms. Beverly Workman

Mrs. Amanda R. Wright

Ms. Shirley R. Wright

Ms. Wendy Yap

Ms. Amanda Yates

Ms. Karissa Ziegler

Mr. Scott Ziller

Mr. Chris D. Zwiener

Pulliam Society

Pulliam Society members leave a lasting legacy in the Baker community, further our mission, and support our students by including the university in estate gifts, wills, annuities, and other planned giving options. Planned gifts are designed to align a donor’s personal values with those of the university and preserve them for the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Armstrong

Mr. Murray and Mrs. Diane Wilson Blackwelder

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Marcia Hillman Bowerman

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bunten

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burkindine

David and Carol Butler

Mr. J.L. Cleland

Reverend and Mrs. Ira DeSpain

Mrs. Ann Duckett

Mrs. Caryl Fullman

Mr. Hoot and Mrs. Kathleen Gibson

Mr. William R. Gordon

Mrs. Carol Grantham

Mr. Philip W. Gronemeyer

Larry and Marcia Hawk

Alice and Mel Hawk

Tammy Spiva Hawks and Dale Hawks

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hey

Mr. Cleve Howard

Mary Hallman Hurrel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irby

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Iwig

Dona J. (Shaw) Johnson and Donald R. Johnson

Mrs. Melba Johnston

Mrs. Arlene Kulp

Jeanne E. Levy, Ph.D.

Neal Malicky, Ph.D.

Mrs. Irene Marsi

Mrs. Tricia Mauch

Mrs. Suellen Meador

Mr. Cecil Miller

Mr. Paul Morsani

Mr. Don Nutt

Mr. and Mrs. Walt W. Pinnell

Mrs. Martha S. Raybourn

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rogers

Mrs. Phyllis Rouch

Carl and Rebecca Schenck

Dr. Anita G. Schroeder

Dr. Janice Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sollars

Mr. Ronald F. Taylor

Susanne Teel

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Patti Francisco Weakley

Mrs. Laura Weiss

Bob and Kay Williams