Buehler and Cink inducted into Faculty Hall of Fame

black and white photos of buehler and cink

Dr. John Buehler and Dr. Cal Cink are the latest additions to Baker University’s Faculty Hall of Fame. They were honored at an induction and faculty appreciation reception on Sept. 17.  

Dr. John Buehler joined the faculty in the fall of 1984 as the Youse-Rice Chair in Choral Music. His choral ensembles enlivened the campus for 25 years until he retired in May 2009. Well-known for his work in the Kansas Music Educators Association, Buehler was inducted into the Kansas Music Educators Hall of Fame in 2019. Buehler’s ability to provide a challenging and rewarding experience that students both respected and enjoyed gained him great recognition from students and colleagues.  

“Dr. John Buehler always set the highest standards for his students, and he was equally unwavering in his support and assistance so that students could attain the standards he set. He was intense in the classroom and the choir rehearsal. Former students, though, always look forward to visiting with him when he and his lovely and talented wife, Dr. Susan Buehler [former Baker music professor], are able to make it back to campus for alumni events.”

Dr. Trilla Lyerla, chair of the Department of Music and Theatre

Dr. Cal Cink joined the faculty in 1976 and retired as the Forest E. Jones Chair in Biology in May 2014. Cink spent his 37-year teaching career both in the classroom and in the field conducting research. Writing over 100 peer-reviewed articles, Cink illustrated his passion for the subjects he taught and brought that passion with him into his classes. Along with his numerous published works, Cink was awarded the 1985 Baker University Distinguished Faculty Award and received the University’s Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2009.  

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Darcy Russell earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Baker while Cink was a professor. When she returned in 1998 to join the biology faculty, she taught alongside her former instructor who then became her faculty mentor. This perspective as both a student and colleague allowed Russell to see firsthand Cink’s love for science and teaching.  

“Truly, as I look at the folks in the Baker University Faculty Hall of Fame, I know that Dr. Cink belongs in that company.  He made a difference for me, for the thousands of Baker students he taught, and for many young professors at Baker.”  

Dr. Darcy Russell, ’80, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Established in 1990 and comprising 30 members, induction into the hall of fame is the highest recognition Baker University presents to retired faculty members. Individuals selected for this award served as full-time faculty members for a minimum of 15 years and gained off-campus recognition through service in professional organizations, scholarly publications, or fine arts performances. They demonstrated exceptional teaching, provided constructive citizenship in the community, and exhibited personal character and professional ability that touched and enriched the lives of students. 


  • Written by Halle Morrell, Marketing & Communications Intern