New program streamlines process toward an MBA

female MBA student leaning on an orange wall, smiling

Today, when time is a precious commodity, Baker’s School of Professional and Graduate Studies has introduced a program that decreases the amount of time it takes for alumni to earn an MBA. Through the 4+1 Bachelor’s to MBA Dual Degree Program, alumni who have earned an undergraduate business degree from Baker and met certain criteria can earn an industry-recognized MBA in just one year.

“Baker University’s 4+1 program was developed to give our Wildcats an efficient and scholarly advantage in a globally competitive market. Students who come to Baker University with sights on completing a degree in business can be assured that our faculty and staff are dedicated to both providing a credible understanding of demanded professional knowledge and assuring students will not waste time in achieving their fullest potential.”

Katie Uhlenhake, EdD ’19, assistant dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies

Baker’s MBA program combines the data analysis and quantitative skills with the written and oral communication skills that support leadership and organizational effectiveness. Four concentrations—finance, health care administration, human resources, and strategic management—allow students to focus on the skills and knowledge to reach their personal career goals.

Baker grads who meet program requirements can waive the 9 hours of MBA foundation courses; 4+1 students will complete the 9 hours of MBA core courses and the 12 hours of their chosen concentration courses. To complete the remaining 21 MBA credits within a year, 4+1 students must take one at least one course each term for seven terms.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Complete 60 Baker undergraduate credit hours toward a CAS or SPGS business bachelor’s degree.

2. Satisfy the graduation requirements for the undergraduate program.

3. Earn a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

4. Earn a Baker cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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  • Written by Baker Proud Staff